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Building lifestyle brands grounded in mission & meaning.  

It's our mission to find your MISSION, and build a brand around your special story that will stand out and stand strong. 

2pmCREATIVE LAB™ uniquely build brands from the inside out crafting a customized strong strategy, which serves as the long-term business foundation. A brand is not just a logo. Your brand needs to tell the complete story of WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY you offer the products and services. We help you write the whole book, and won't let you skip chapters. Our smart brand strategy approach will inform your creative identity and marketing communication. Build the house before painting it. We ALWAYS put the horse before the cart, and think you should, too.


2pmCREATIVE LAB™ can assist in growing your business with sharpened brand presence, robust design concepts and smart workflow by providing strategic savvy and a premium aesthetic from initial concept through execution.

Expertise built over 25 years of working directly with global lifestyle and apparel brands across diverse range of product category and channels. Specialty in rapidly assessing creative gaps and workflow challenges; identifying and implementing effective solutions that ensure that your brand vision is fully realized.

Delivering Brand Portfolios with multi-faceted concepts that are choreographed across platforms:

Product | Content | Licensing

 Brand Identity | Marketing Communications

 Entertainment |  Events & Experiences



Creative direction

Expert in-depth sifting of global trends and analytical insights inspire our intelligent innovation & design direction.

Knowing how to create, develop and execute cohesive visual, verbal and experiential concepts is what builds robust brand portfolios, that can extend across multiple platforms and channels. Having earned US patents, we know how to create and secure IP.  



 Like any smart build, your brand needs to be planned from the inside out, so it's built to last as your customers and business grows.

Branding is not just your logo. A brand needs a full in depth framework to inform your external marketing communication. Improve your market positioning & differentiation with our complete verbal and visual strategy to ensure your brand stands strong.

Product Design & Development

We have 25 years in product to market experience, that will increase your revenue & margin, focusing on global insights, quality, and detail.

We will ellevate the design aesthetic with a premium taste-level, driving toward market distinction. Category expertise in: apparel, toy, accessories, home, lifestyle. 

2pm CREATIVE LAB creative direction & brand strategy consulting

A  balanced Left + Right brain approach to Creative Solutions.


Design is a wonderful creative cacophony of problem-solving. A product, character, or creative concept must appeal to the eye, draw from emotion, solve for function and  ergonomics, and serve economics. 

The best creative execution never puts aesthetic ahead of function and vice versa. And the best creative executive never puts their own personal preference ahead of their client's. 

At 2pm CREATIVE LAB, each project is treated individually, while enthusiastically embracing the nuances and unique needs of each client. 


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Brand Stories

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Color Palettes

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Textiles & Prints

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Brand Architecture

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2pm CREATIVE LAB LLC creative consulting & brand strategy