2pm CREATIVE LAB creative direction & brand strategy consulting.




Brings brands to life as a Creative Producer, by guiding content; art production; casting; music; extending portfolio and audience reach within the following formats: Live Action | Animation | Instructional | Virtual | Social Media Marketing | Apps 

Customer Engagement

Directs phases of concept, strategy, creative and execution for: Customer Experience | Promotions | Partnerships | Travel | Customization | Brand Loyalty

Girls' Lifestyle

Leads creative direction, design & development, trend insights, and product to market processes for diverse categories and channels: Fashion | Accessories | Tech | Footwear | Swim | Room Decor | HBA | Crafts | Hard Goods | Soft Goods | Licensing

Women's Apparel

Provides omni-channel expertise, trend insights, design direction, product development, merchandising and sourcing for: Fashion | Accessories | Footwear | Jewelry | Outerwear | Print, Pattern & Textile Development | High-End Specialty | Mass Distribution | Wholesale

Brand Strategy

Establishes Visual and Verbal Brand DNA: Creative Strategy | Mission, Vision, Voice | Creative Identity | Product Portfolio Strategy | Customer Segmentation | Marketing Assets | P&L Management | Customer Insights

Web Design

Builds: Site Architecture | User Experience | 3rd Party Integrations | Graphics | Content | Aesthetic | E-Commerce




Photographer | Art Director | Stylist | Photo-Editor

Graphic Design

Branding | Social Media | Marketing Assets | Content Visuals| Pitch Decks | Concept Story-Telling | Presentations

My creative career has always led me to where my interests sync best with my heart. With my oldest heading to college this fall, I've been finding much joy capturing the milestone of where high school ends and their next journey begins.

Speaking Engagements

Panelist | Instructor | Facilitator | Workshop Leader

Press Brand Ambassador

Brand PR | Product Launches | Spotlight Features

Design Consultant and Brand Strategist with over 25 years corporate experience creating and building legacy brands that last and scale. Megan AC Boswell | 2pm CREATIVE LAB | Madison, WI consultant | THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™